Beginner Silkscreen Seminar

PLEASE NOTE:  We have changed the format of our Seminar from being a two day class to just one day.  Maximum class size has changed from 6 people to 3 people per class.  Two classes are available per month on the last two Saturdays of each month.



Beginner Silkscreen Class - Screening

Part I
Stencil Prep:

  • Submit .EPS or .JPEG artwork for approval on a CD, flashdrive, or by email 2 business days before the class
  • Design area maximum is 8.5" x 11"; lines & type should be a minimum 1/16" thick

Screen Prep:

  • Degreasing and drying screen
  • Coating emulsion onto screen

Exposing Screen:

  • Burn stencil image onto emulsion
  • Wash out image
  • Final preparation of screen before printing

Part II
Please bring in 6-8 T-shirts, any color or size.

This is a very "hands on" class so please wear work clothing or bring an apron.  Comfortable shoes are recommended.  Leave delicate watches and jewelry at home.

Screen Printing:

  • Set up screen on printer
  • Register screen
  • Prep one color ink for screens
  • Screen t-shirts
  • Clean up


To signup, either fill out the form below and submit it, or click the PDF link to the right to download a printable copy that can be mailed, emailed or turned in to us directly in our store.  Mahalo!


Anthony Sarmiento



One Shot Supplies, Inc.
94-105 A Malakeke Pl.
Waipahu, HI  96797



Parking Lot & Street Parking



$150 (plus tax)



Last two Saturdays of each month
9:00am - 1:00pm


Upcoming Schedule

2022 - January:  None Available

2022 - February:  19th & 26th

2022 - March:  19th & 26th

2022 - April:  23rd & 30th

2022 - May:  21st & 28th

2022 - June:  18th & 25th

2022 - July:  23rd & 30th

2022 - August:  20th & 27th

2022 - September:  17th & 24th

2022 - October:  22nd & 29th

2022 - November:  19th & 26th

2022 - December:  None Available