COVID-19 Notice (03/24/2020)

We will still offer rental services under the following conditions:

  • If you are not well please stay home
  • Show no signs of illness
  • Have not traveled or come into contact with people who have traveled


Social distancing will be practiced in our rental area: Access is as follows:

  • Printer / Dryer area only two people
  • Exposure  / washout area only one person
  • Heat Transfer area one person


Should you have any questions for our employee’s while using the rental area social distancing will apply.  Please understand our position and that the above is being done for the health and welfare of all involved.


Equipment will be inspected upon return.  If for any reason, the equipment is not in working order, the customer agrees to be financially responsible for repairs of equipment that malfunctions or is damaged due to negligence or improper use while in customer's possession.  The customer will also be responsible to replace any equipment at full retail value if it can't be repaired.

Flash Spot Dryer - $19.00/Hour | $58.00/Day


Used in the screen printing industry for drying ink to prevent bleeding and allow another color to be applied over it.  Our Flash Dryers provide consistent heat radiation over the entire element surface ensuring every print is properly flashed or cured.

Insta Model 138 Manual Heat Press

Manual Heat Press - $19.00/Hour | $58.00/Day


Our Manual Heat Presses meet the demands of today’s busy retail environment and are also a practical solution to use as a pre- and post-curing agent for the expanding digital direct-to-garment marketplace.  Delivers consistent temperature and results all day long.  Its 15”x20” platens are perfect for printing large decorative graphics, as well as, most other T-Shirt applications.

MBX Metal Blaster (Wheel Not Included)
$18.00/Hour | $46.00/Day


MBX® Metal Blaster® is a unique, easy handling, fast performing power hand tool used in the sign and automotive industry to remove vinyl graphics.  It can also be used in the screen printing industry to remove old fabric and adhesive to prep the frame.

Wheel must be purchased separately from the rental of the MBX Metal Blaster Tool.  Temper Steel Bristle Wheel or Polymer Rubber Eraser Wheel are available and should be selected based upon your application.

Spot Cleaning Gun w/Solution (16 oz. Jar)
$13.00/Day (On Site) | $32.00/Day (Off Site)

Used for cleaning screen printing inks from printed garments.  One 16 oz. jar of cleaning solution is provided with the rental.  Additional solution will incur additional charges.

Please note, this equipment sprays out solution at 3000 PSI.  The customer must provide their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and follow all safe use procedures when handling this equipment.

Stretcher Table - $32.00/Hour

Used to stretch your mesh over the screen frame in order to keep it taut and free from imperfections.  The low friction, 4-way simultaneous tensioning on the Newman Roller Master™ combined with a 3 minute holding stress, is equivalent to approx. 7 to 10 retensionings.  Retensioning mesh with the Newman Roller Master™ after the 1st print run and reclaiming, combined with a 1 minute holding stress is equivalent to approx. 3 - 4 retensionings.

Printer/Dryer (Includes Printer, Dryer and Spot Dryer)


Basic screen printing package of equipment that you would need to screen garments.  Includes a printer with 4 stations capable of screening up to six colors per garment, a spot dryer for drying inks between screening of different colors, and a full dryer for finishing the curing of the entire garment.

Exposure Unit Package (Includes Use of Exposure Unit, Light Table, Screen Dryer & Screen Washout Booth)


Used for the process of creating your screen and then cleaning it once done.


Please Note!

All customers using the rental area are required to bring their own supplies, rulers, tape, paper towels, squeegees, scoop coaters, scissors, etc.

Washout Booth With High Pressure Washer for Screen Cleaning - $32.00/Hour


Washout booth and high pressure washing gun used to clean your screens.