Tekmar TB-HV TekBond Screen Printing Pallet Adhesive


TEKMAR TB-HV is a revolutionary new pallet adhesive that can be hand applied directly to the pallet. Water based, with no solvents or other hazardous ingredients, TB-HV is completely non-hazardous. TB-HV affords tremendous economy, 1 quart can replace up to 3 dozen 16oz cans of spray adhesive with absolutely no mess or waste. Heat stable up to 700 degrees (F), TB-HV can withstand repeated flashing, without losing its tack.

  • Fast Drying
  • No Mess No Odor
  • No VOC
  • Super Economical
  • Heat Stable
  • 65% Solids
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Application is simple. A 1/8″ bead of TB-HV is applied in a line across the pallet. The supplied squeegee is then used to quickly spread the adhesive over the pallet. The adhesive dries in seconds due to it’s advanced acrylic polymer and high solid content. A minimum of 3-6 Doz. Shirts can be printed on a single application. There is no messy over-spray and no waste. TB-HV is a ideal product for manual printers wishing to eliminate Aerosol adhesives from their shops.


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32 oz., Gallon


   Tekmar TB-HV Flyer and Application Instructions




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