Crescent Artists Hot Press Illustration Board, Mixed Media, Medium Weight, 15″ x 20″, White


Crescent’s legendary illustration boards continue to have surface papers known for their superior performance and quality. Illustration, marker, collage and canvas boards are advanced in every way with a smoother surface, purer fiber, and whiter core.

  • Hot press boards are extra smooth to provide unparalleled sharpness for pen and marker.

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Crescent art boards do not have surface roughness and orange peel typical of lesser quality art boards. The new surface improves pen and marker performance.

Whiter Core
The whiter core will not distort the color of the surface papers. Board surfaces are brighter and whiter, with less show-through and blotches common with lesser quality boards.

Backing Paper

For Drawing, Student Grade Illustration Board

Best for pencil, colored pencil, pastel and ink. Also good for light collage. Warp resistant.

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Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 20 × .5 in